Iron Works in Brooklyn and Staten Island

Iron products contain such an appealing, hand-crafted quality that they tend to add beauty to both the inside and outside of your home. Of course, iron gates and doors are also practical, adding the most visually appealing security to your home. If you’re looking to invest in a hand-forged iron product of any kind, Igor’s Security Gates is the place to call in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Our Services in Brooklyn and Staten Island

As our name suggests, we do offer security fences and gates. These beautiful, handmade iron gates add both a measure of security and privacy to your property. We offer custom designs and can also restore existing fencing. Additionally, we offer wrought iron security doors with custom designs to fit your home’s style. There’s a wide variety of finishes to ensure that your new door is as stylish as it is secure.

Our services go beyond just security – we can also provide both indoor and outdoor iron railings. Our hand-forged iron railings can be custom fit to your home or business and are guaranteed not to rust for at least 30 years. We also offer locksmith services, custom awnings and miscellaneous iron products such as mailboxes, tables and doorframes. If you’re in Brooklyn or Staten Island you can trust Igor’s Security Gates for any of your iron work needs.

More About Us

Igor’s Security Gates and Doors was founded by designer Igor Ostrovsky, who has been working with wrought iron since 1981. He began a career in restoration after finishing art school. He restored forged iron fence and railings and historical and modern sites in Kiev, Ukraine. He continued his blacksmith training for four years in Prague, where he learned his craftmanship from the old masters. His resume includes restoration of museums and theatres, as well as creating new masterpieces of forged iron.

If you’re in need of any hand-forged iron product to add security and beauty to your home or business in Brooklyn or Staten Island, Igor can handle the task.