Security Gates & Doors


Igor Security Gates & Doors combine security with architectural mastery to create safe, secure gates, doors, fencing, and more for homes, businesses, parks and museums. These hand-forged iron sculptural elements are centerpieces of design as well as safeguards to entrances, balconies, staircases and more.

Craftsman Igor Ostrovsky uses his expertise as an art school graduate and four years of training under Old-World European blacksmiths to bring Brooklyn, New York custom security gates and doors that are also beautiful, guarded artisan relics. Glass, wood and stone placed artfully between twisting, hand-forged iron patterns and sealed with faux finishes, choice colors and powder coated finishes makes each piece your own architectural masterpieces.

Igor Ostrovsky works personally with each client to construct the metalwork sculptural icon you envision to welcome your guests, guide them up your stairs and guard your fireplace, balcony and yard. For an impressive, artistic piece protecting your home or business, contact master craftsman Igor Ostrovsky via phone or email.